Le Petit Four


The image of sidewalk cafes springs to mind when one thinks of Sunset Plaza. It is perhaps one of the defining aspects of the place -- dining alfresco along the bustling Sunset Strip while watching the cavalcade of people walk by. This was not always so. It was not until the mid 80s that restaurants and cafes at Sunset Plaza began to put their tables out front. One of the first of these was Le Petit Four, which opened at Sunset Plaza in 1981.

Le Petit Four - Sunset Plaza
Le Petit Four - Sunset Plaza


One can sit at Le Petit Four and hear at least four different languages spoken on any given night of the week. The crowd is a cosmopolitan one that spans generations; one is just as likely to see families with children dining there, as they are to see entertainment industry movers and shakers, and fashionably dressed young people. The place fills up after 9 pm until closing.

Crowds at Le Petit Four
Variety of crowds at Le Petit Four.


I have had many memorable meals at Sunset Plaza over the years, including favorite dishes to return to again and again, many of those favorites are at Le Petit Four. There are few things I find more relaxing than sitting outside, enjoying a cold crisp glass of Sancerre and their wonderful duck confit salad.

Large menu of French bistro fare.


Le Petit Four has a large menu of French bistro fare that spans from breakfast into dinner. It is a popular weekend brunch destination, where one can choose from an array of pastries, and omelets. Lunch and dinner feature a variety of choices such as their lobster bisque, French onion soup, crab cakes, pasta dishes, scallops, mussels, and steak au poivre.

Delicious menu items
French bistro menu items.


The extensive menu is complemented by a selection of seasonal daily specials. For dessert, there is a tray of classic French pastries such as tarte tatin, Mille-feuille, eclairs, fruit tarts and St. Honoré cake. A good wine list, including a wide selection of wines by the glass, and full bar is also available.

Desserts and wine
Delicious dessert and wine selections.
A good wine selection.
A good wine list and a wide selection of wines by the glass.


Next time you are shopping at Sunset Plaza, take a break from the hectic traffic, and stop at Le Petit Four, and sample their delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks.