Meet Landon Holder, Lead Stylist at BALANI Custom Clothiers!



Landon Holder
Landon Holder, Lead Stylist at BALANI Custom Clothiers


Landon Holder, Senior Custom Clothier at BALANI Custom Clothiers, has striven to preserve the traditions of quality men's suiting and style for many years. The seeds of his interest started in college and grew into a life passion.


"You can never be overdressed or overeducated." - Oscar Wilde


Landon Holder


Landon has had experience managing a Brooks Brothers here in Los Angeles. Then, he went on to open the first West Coast market for BALANI Custom Clothiers. Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood has been excited to welcome BALANI and Landon to our community. 


"BALANI’s mission is to help men look and dress their best; people are more apt to succeed when they feel good about themselves."

Stop by BALANI Custom Clothiers for captivating conversation, exquisite fabrics, and a truly custom experience with Landon or one of his associates!