Obica Menu Favorites


1) Mozzarella Experience = tasting of four different kinds of mozzarella (smoked, classic, burrata, and ricotta) with beautiful meat pairings (prosciutto and salame)

The Mozzarella Experience
The Mozzarella Experience


2) Pappardelle all’ Anatra e Arancia = homemade rosemary pasta with crescent farm duck tuscan style ragu, orange zest

Pappardelle all' Anatra e Arancia
Pappardelle all' Anatra e Arancia


3) Tartufo pizza = mozzarella and ricotta di bufala, italian ham, black truffle

Tartufo Pizza
Tartufo pizza


4) Ravioli Freschi = ricotta di bufala and kale homemade ravioli in sage butter sauce, parmigiano    reggiano

Ravioli Freschi
Ravioli Freschi


5) Tiramisù Ricetta Tradizionale = traditional tiramisù

Tiramisu Ricetta Tradizionale
Tiramisu Ricetta Tradizionale


6) Panna Cotta al Frutto della Passione = Italian classic panna cotta, fresh passionfruit (we did not have this at the time, but we have had it before and it is amazing!)


7) Classic Italian Cocktail:

Passione = passionfruit and strawberry purée, prosecco DOCG

Bosco = strawberry, raspberry and blackberry purée, prosecco DOCG

Classic Italian Cocktails
Classic Italian Cocktails: Passione and Bosco


You could have anything at Obicà and it would be the best version you have ever tried of that dish. You must stop by if you are in LA!


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Authored By: Jenny Bales