Food and Dining


Le Petit Four

The image of sidewalk cafes springs to mind when one thinks of Sunset Plaza. It is perhaps one of the defining aspects of the place -- dining alfresco along the bustling Sunset Strip while watching the cavalcade of people walk by. This was not always so. It was not until the mid 80s that restaurants and cafes at Sunset Plaza began to put their tables out front. One of the first of these was Le Petit Four, which opened at Sunset Plaza in 1981.

Obica Review

Obicà means, in the Neapolitan dialect, “here it is.” Since 2004, Obicà has been “where it is” with regards its high-quality buffalo mozzarella and its stellar array of Italian wines and cuisine. They have just opened their 20th restaurant here at Sunset Plaza at 8630 Sunset Boulevard. Other locations include those in Italy, the United Kingdom, United States, and Japan.