Changing Lives One Step at a Time!

"Exterior beauty without the depth of a kind soul is merely decoration"


EDEN by Eden Sassoon salon evokes Eden's goal to create a space that encourages women to be whole from the inside out. With free consultations and creating bespoke cut and color that is tailor-made for you, it carries on Vidal Sassoon's legacy encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest and to give back to their fellowman.


Wonderful Women of the Met Gala!

This #wonderfulwomanwednesday, we are celebrating not just one, but several inspiring and beautiful women that we spotted at the Met Gala. Though the age-old adage reminds us "there's more to a person than meets the eye", there was certainly a lot for the eye to take in with the stunning styles worn by these women from the bold to the classic to the "out-of-this-world". But, we also learned a few striking facts about these accomplished women which once again proved the wisdom of the aforementioned adage. Browse these winning looks and learn more about the woman underneath:


Life Inspirations With Shannon Nadj

Shannon Nadj, celebrity trainer and founder of Hot Pilates, LA's first heated Pilates studio, is known for her fit, healthy lifestyle as well as her ability to inspire others to live that life for themselves. Because, let's be honest, we all want that hot, pilates body! 

But, a truly confident, beautiful, healthy life consists in much more than an exercise regime. It is a combination of mind, body, and soul working together to bring the most beautiful "you" to the surface! In the words of Blake Lively, "the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence."